Tijeras profesionales de peluquería Typhoon


El modelo Typhoon es fabricado a mano por espaderos expertos con acero japonés molibdeno. Está hecho con una dureza Rockwell de 60 con la intención de que dure 20 a 25 años.

· Cortes súper suaves
· Alta durabilidad y versatilidad
· Sistema de tensión por rodamiento en la calavera


Este modelo viene con:· Garantía exclusiva Kamisori de por vida· Garantía cubre caídas por 1 año· Garantía de satisfacción· Funda Kamisori de lujoPremios:American Salon Pro's Choice (varios años)Beauty Launchpad Readers Choice (varios años)Hairdresser Journal Stylists ChoiceCanadian Salon Hairdresser Favorite toolsCoiffure de Paris*¡Hay disponible un plan de pagos sin interés y fácil!




Star Rating

Handle Type

Steel Type

Dureza Rockwell




Tipo de filo

Kamisori Japanese 3D Convex

Tipo de empuñadura


Sistema de tensión

Super durable ball-bearing system 

Cantidad de dientes


Vida útil

20-25 years


I stumbled across this shear on Instagram just as I was looking for a replacement for my hikari ryu cosmos. They look very similar but than the Hikari is also $1300 and discontinued. At 1/3 of the cost I was quiet skeptical to try this one out but with their 15 day return policy I decided to give it a try. And I must say I am please with the quality and the performance. My old hikari’s felt tad better but not by that much I would fork up $1300 for them again even if they were available. I am very interested to see how their damascus shears compare. On my next buy list!

I had the tsunami for years now and decided I want a 7 inch pair. The customer service rep told me about the typhoons which go so well with my tsunami model. couldn’t be happier. Thank you!

I’ve been using Mattaki scissors for about 2 years but they just don’t last and quality is mediocre. My coworker told me about Kamisori so I decided to give it a try and wow! What a world of difference .

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